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DSC00604Starting my new career as an adventure travel writer and photographer has me excited. I retired three years ago after a 34 year career as an electrical engineer. I am now traveling around in a small RV with my two cats, Paso Robles, and Mountain Lioness. I only bought the RV so I could travel with my cats and not have to leave them behind. I am now traveling from Florida out west to New Mexico, Arizona, and as the weather warms up, up into Utah and Idaho. I am also on a town scouting trip, looking for a small town in the west to live during the summer.

I am an avid cyclist, riding over 40,000 miles during the last 20 years. I’ve taken 18 cycling vacations in six countries, including America, Canada, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. I cycled through nine states, including Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, California, and Alaska. Actually ten states, if I include my home state of Florida.

Eleven cats shared my home with me; Onyx, PC, Ebony, Sunwapta, Sarhina, Blue Mesa, Lnyx, Spirit, Cheetah, who have all passed above the earth plane. Paso Robles and Mountain Lioness now live here with me, they are both about four years of age, and still in the wild crazy kitten stage.

I am not sure exactly where I am going out west, I don’t really know. I remember a TV show were the lead character left the show. His final scene was in a cafe along a desolate road in the southwest, probably somewhere in the New Mexico or Arizona desert. As he leaves and pays his bill, the waitress asks him, “Where you headed?” He says, “No where in particular.” She replied, “Well how will you know when you get there?” He answered, “That is a good question, who knows, that is a very good question, have a great day.” And with that, he gets in his car and drives off into the sunset with a voice over saying that he believes in happy endings. That scene in the lonely cafe on the empty stretch of desert road completely captures how I feel about my upcoming travels.


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  1. Spee,
    I have taken time from all the other stuff of my life to get on your blog and read some of your biking travels and enjoy the grand photography. The picture you take are amazing and each one could be a post card. This is my business email. Talk with you later.

    • Thanks for taking the time read through the blog Fred, I really do appreciate, more than you know. I have put a lot of work into this website, just getting the mechanics of the site to work. Soon, when I go to Colorado, I will now be able to concentrate on the content, the photos and writings, and not worry about how the site is working. There are a few parts of the site I have not been able to get how I wanted, but they are minor, will continue to improve the site over the coming years, but I think for the most part, its ready to deploy.

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