A Year of Great Change

Significant changes occurred during 2013. Sarhina, the last of the five great cats who lived with me from 1998 till this year passed in April at the age of 15. My mother passed in June at the age of 90. … Continue reading

Robles’s Birthday

Robles turned two years old this December. She came to live with me back in April of 2012. She arrived just a little over a week after her great great great great Grandmother Cheetah passed away. The timing was a … Continue reading

Mountain Lioness Watching Over the House

Mountain Lioness watching over the house, making sure not a creature is stirring not even a mouse. About once a week, I find either a dead snake or gecko in the house. Critters don’t last long in this house. Any … Continue reading

Mountain Lioness on a Sunday Afternoon

Mountain Lioness, in a heightened state of awareness and activity out in the Florida Room on a Sunday afternoon while I write Christmas cards. She loves being out in the Florida Room. The Florida Room allows her to feel like … Continue reading

Final Ride of 2013

Sunrise in Hernando County at the start of probably my last long distance ride of the year. I cycled about 2500 miles this year, and at my tortoise like pace, that works out to about 250 hours on the bike. … Continue reading