Spirits of the Cats

I met the spirits of my dear cats who have crossed above the earth plane while climbing Beartooth Pass. After 4 hours, I was simply exhausted and I was struggling to keep my heart rate beneath my max heart rate. … Continue reading

The Jaws of Beartooth

I took  a short ride to the start of Beartooth Pass to see how my legs feel. They feel awesome. I still feel some of the affects of heat exhaustion from yesterday but I should feel fine tomorrow.  I am … Continue reading

Unscheduled Rest Day

The patellar tendinitis in my right knee flared up last night. The tour group consists of ultra thin Uber athletes and then me. They all took off like they were shot out of a canon and I felt a lot … Continue reading

First Day’s Ride

Barely finished  the first  Day’s ride. The last 2.5 mile  climb  to 6000 feet I had to stop 4 times to get  my heart rate down below max heart rate due to the 6% grade. On Tuesday I will have … Continue reading

Beartooth Highway Tour

Assembled this array of parts into this. The secret,  pictures! I rode 1050 miles this year training for the tour. At my average speed,  that is about 100 hours on the bike. The tour will take us up the Beartooth … Continue reading