Like Flour for Sand

Most of my life I’ve lived just a few miles away from Florida beaches. Never have I felt or seen sand quite like the sand on Carrabelle Beach. The texture of the sand was so fine I felt as if I … Continue reading

Road Trip to Nowhere

Embarking on a road trip with no destination made me feel calm, peaceful, and free. I really have no idea of where I am going or how long I will be traveling. I am just heading North By Northwest until … Continue reading

Bear Creek Falls Trail

The hike up Bear Creek Falls Trail went much better than the Jud Wiebe Trail Hike. While both trails climb over 1000 feet above the canyon floor, the Bear Creek Falls Trail is an out and back trail 2.5 miles … Continue reading

How Blue Mesa and Paso Robles Got Their Names

Continuing with the story from Telluride back in 1997 – Two days after leaving Telluride, we rode from Montrose to Gunnison. A little background for this story. PC was a dear cat of mine, one of the original three black … Continue reading

Jud Wiebe Trail

Finding myself winded within one minute of starting the hike up Jud Wiebe Trail, I struggled during the entire hike. The trail is only a three-mile long loop, but gains 1300 feet of elevation in little over a mile, averaging over … Continue reading