Cats’ Home Away From Home

Completely adapted to the RV now, Mountain Lioness and Paso Robles are both very content and comfortable in their coach. Staking out and claiming their own special place in the coach, each now has their regular spot. ML prefers the … Continue reading

The Cats Meow

This is the first real excursion in the motorhome. The first two trips were mostly checkout/shakedown trips. We are on Sanibel Island, located near the southern tip of Florida’s Gulf Coast. We are staying in a quaint RV park. Most … Continue reading

Fort De Soto Park

Fort De Soto Park is actually a chain of five interconnected islands, or keys. The picture is of Mullet Key, I am staying on St. Jean Key. Then rest of the park is made up of St. Christopher Key, Madelaine … Continue reading

Cats in the RV – Part Deux

Today is the beginning of the second trip in the RV with the cats. They squawked incessantly during the entire drive to Ft De Soto. Robles jumped in my lap while I was driving down here. Now I am one … Continue reading

It’s a Cat’s Life

The cats are relaxing with me on a sunny quiet afternoon in Fort De Soto Park. Fort De Soto Park is located at the very southern tip of the Pinellas Peninsula. On the west side of the peninsula is the … Continue reading