Robles is Blossoming into a Beautiful Cat

Robles is blossoming into a beautiful cat. She will be two years old in December. Robles is a Smoke Egyptian Mau. While she still acts like a kitten, her body is now filling out into a full grown adult cat. … Continue reading

A Cat Named Paso Robles

Fast forward 14 years. Blue Mesa passed away on March 30th 2011. A month after Mesa passed above the earth plane, I was on another bicycle tour. This tour was along the California Coast near Big Sur, from Carmel to … Continue reading

How Blue Mesa Got His Name

The skies started to darken behind me. Storm clouds were brewing again. I had found during the last five days that the weather could change quickly and dramatically in the Colorado mountains. I knew I had better get started in … Continue reading

My Three Eqyptian Maus

Here are my three beloved Egyptian Maus, Cheetah, Spirit, and Sunwapta, who have all crossed over to the other side, above the earth plane. They would quite often be seen curled up and snuggled together. … Continue reading