Spirits of the Black Cats

This story is from my cycling tour in Alaska in 1999, and about meeting the spirits of my three black cats, Onyx, PC, and Ebony while riding to Valdez in Prince William Sound. That day was perhaps the best day … Continue reading

Cycling through the Withlachoochee State Forest in Florida

This view of the Withlachoochee State Forest is from the perspective of a riding a bicycle. Yes there are some small hills in Florida. The Withlachoochee State Forest is about 60 miles north of Tampa. When most people think of … Continue reading

Spring is Arriving

Spring is arriving in Florida. The tiny green buds on the sycamore tree in my backyard are starting to sprout into tiny leaves. Soon the leaves will be four to six inches across. Watching the tiny green buds turn into … Continue reading