The Catbird Seat

Mountain Lioness quickly found the catbird seat in the RV. ML and PR are starting to feel more comfortable in the coach. The are eating well, and using the litter box fine. ML was in the litter box, and PR … Continue reading

Maiden Voyage of the Sunwapta

We embarked on the maiden voyage of the Sunwapta. Captain Paso Robles and Executive Officer Mountain Lioness are leading the first expedition. Captain Robles and XO Mountain Lioness successfully guided the vessel to our first destination. As first mate, they … Continue reading

Robles Claims the Big Bed

Robles claims the big bed in the RV. I will have to sleep in the bunk over the cab. You can also see her scratching post and cat litter on the floor. … Continue reading

Learning Curve

Reading through hundreds of pages of instructions in three different manuals learning how the rig works. Next step is to gradually introduce the cats into the coach. I kept seeing people walk by staring at the rig, probably wondering what … Continue reading

My New Home – The Sunwapta

My new second home does not have an address. Home will be where ever we are. The rig is a Winnebago View, built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis powered by a turbo charged diesel engine. The vehicle is essentially a … Continue reading