It’s a Cat’s Life

The cats are relaxing with me on a sunny quiet afternoon in Fort De Soto Park. Fort De Soto Park is located at the very southern tip of the Pinellas Peninsula. On the west side of the peninsula is the … Continue reading

Maiden Voyage of the Sunwapta

We embarked on the maiden voyage of the Sunwapta. Captain Paso Robles and Executive Officer Mountain Lioness are leading the first expedition. Captain Robles and XO Mountain Lioness successfully guided the vessel to our first destination. As first mate, they … Continue reading

Chattanooga Tennessee

You have to love a place where cats roam around the restaurant and gift shop.  I am just north of Chattanooga Tennessee at Jim Olivers Smokehouse Restaurant Trading Post and Hotel. This place is just classic. I am pretty wiped … Continue reading

Breckenridge to Frisco Ride

These photos are from when Gary Z and I were cycling around the Frisco area. A couple from Florida actually took the first photo. I figured they were from Florida when I realized the man was wearing a Florida Gator … Continue reading