New Mexico – Land of Enchantment

While driving to Albuquerque from Roswell, the┬ádesert landscape left me awestruck. Prairie grass and sage cover the red dirt of the desert. Dotting the land are┬áthousands of Pinyon Pines. Today is the first time I saw mountains on the trip. … Continue reading

Deep in the Heart of Texas

After enduring a fifteen hour tornado watch in Lafayette, the storm clouds cleared on Monday morning and I escaped unscathed. Others were not so fortunate. A tornado killed two people in a trailer just east of Lafayette. I didn’t sleep … Continue reading

Riders on the Storm

A better title would be, “Not Riding in the Storm.” A conveyor belt of severe storms continues to roll across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and northwest Florida. The storms started last week. Every three days, another storm roars across the southeast. … Continue reading

Go West, Young Man, Go West

Leaving to head out west in the RV for several months is making me feel both excited and apprehensive. I really don’t know where I am going or how long I will be gone. My general plan is to head … Continue reading