Sarhina’s Gravestone

I finally laid Sahrina’s tombstone over her gravesite today, seven months after she passed above the earth plane on April 30th. I now have nine cats buried in my cat garden from over thirty years of having cats. I shared my home with the beautiful black cats, PC, Onyx, Ebony. Then I lived with the Egyptian Maus, Sunwapta, Lynx, Spirit, and Cheetah. During that time I also had the most sweetest and beautiful cat, Blue Mesa, a Blue Russian, and my brown, golden and black tabby Sarhina.

Sarhina was laid to rest next to her best friend and constant companion Sunwapta. Both came to live with me in 1998. When I brought Sarhina home from the SPCA, I just let her out of her cardboard carrying container next to Sunwapta in the living room. They sniffed and looked at each other, then they just laid down next to each other peacefully. That is a very unusual first encounter for cats. They were best friends for the next 14 years.

Sarhina was the last of the six great cats that lived with me from 1998 to 2013. Sarhina was the sweetest and most gentle soul I ever met. During the 15 years we shared together, I never once saw Sarhina angry, hostile, aggressive or upset. I think that may be the reason she lived the longest of all the six cats of her generation. I learned a very valuable life lesson from Sarhina.


Inverness Grand Prix

I ran into the Inverness Grand Prix today while cycling up to Inverness in Citrus County today. A bunch of lucky kids were racing the Go-Karts, I would love to do this. Inverness is the same city I encountered the Cooter Turtle Festival last month. Inverness is one happening city! These kids were having so fun. One of these kids may turn out to be the next Dale Earnhardt, especially since Florida’s high school graduation rate is only 74%, which is up from 56% in 2003. Be sure to check out the youtube link in the website attached. Great video from the In Kart camera.


Flying Saucer House

Saw this house while cycling through northern Pinellas County yesterday. I am not sure of the purpose of the dome, but I suspect that the dome slides open so that flying saucers can land inside the house.

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