Fireplace Season

My favorite time of the year as a cold front blows through and the clocks return back to the normal time.  Finally able to open all the windows and doors after six months and feel the fresh cool air. Also able to sit out in the Florida Room next to the fireplace and enjoy a peaceful cool evening. Life is good.

Robles is Blossoming into a Beautiful Cat

Robles is blossoming into a beautiful cat. She will be two years old in December. Robles is a Smoke Egyptian Mau. While she still acts like a kitten, her body is now filling out into a full grown adult cat. Robles is simply gorgeous.  When I see her dark coat illuminated by the rays of the sun, I am in awe. The contrast of her dark coat and sparkling gooseberry eyes is simply stunning.

The striped markings on the back of Robles’s neck reminds me so much of the nearly identical markings of her great, great, great, grandmother Cheetah. The markings also are almost identical to the markings on the back of Sunwapta’s neck. Sunwapta was Cheetah’s son. Sunwapta’s father also was a Smoke Egyptian Mau. Robles usually sits or lays near me now, usually near my feet. Sometimes she gets so excited standing next to me that her tail stands straight up and quivers. I feel so fortunate to have a cat living with me that connects me back to time that I lived with Cheetah and Sunwapta.

Walk Around Moraine Lake


After hobbling down from the Moraine Lake Rockpile, I went back to the main lodge and ate lunch. They were just about done serving lunch, but I knew my server Kimberly pretty well now and they made lunch for me even though lunch time was actually over. I had some salmon and cream cheese. The outside patio of the lodge is the nicest place I have ever been for lunch. The views from the outside lunch patio were spectacular. I decided to take a slow walk around the lake. The path was level and only about a mile long. I took a very leisurely stroll around the lake and took quiet a few photos.

I was saddened knowing this was my last night at Moraine Lake Lodge. Tomorrow morning I would be packing up, and traveling back to Banff. I was not looking forward to being back in city, as quaint and nice as Banff is. I built my last fire that night. I was determined to stay up late enough to see the multitude of stars come out. I was not exhausted from hiking all day the way I had been the last two nights, so I figured I had a pretty good chance of being awake at 1 or 2 in the morning.

Very late that night, I put on some warm clothes and left the toasty warmth of the cabin. There were zillions of stars overhead. I was hoping to have an epiphany tonight, the way I did back on my last night at Moraine Lake in 2000. However, I did not have any such experience. I suppose you cannot plan on having such experiences no matter how beautiful the setting. You can’t just recreate moments like the ones I had in 2000 at the Plain of the Six Glaciers and Moraine Lake. Life changing experiences just happen when all the right forces in the universe line up.

So, I have included the writings from my experience at Moraine Lake in 2000. The following text describes my experience on my last night at Moraine Lake Lodge in 2000.

The story starts out from when I was sitting on a rock ledge at the end of the trail in the Plain of the Six Glaciers Continue reading

A Perfect Day For Cycling

Today was a perfect day for cycling. The temperature dropped below 76 degrees for the first time since May, all the way down to 59 degrees. The temperature quickly rose into the 80s.Wind gusted  out of the northwest as the first cold front of the year made its way through central Florida. The air was cool and dry. Normally the wind is out of the south bringing tropical moist air from the Caribbean Sea. We rode northwest for the first half of the ride, and then turned around. We had the wind at our back on the way back, really a nice ride under cool blue skies.

At the north end of the trail, we scampered around some barriers that blocked a closed part of the bicycle path. Last year after 26 inches of rain in a just a few days, the Suncoast Parkway flooded in this area. Continue reading