Cat Angels Arriving

I met the spirits of Sunwapta, Cheetah, and Sarhina early this morning during the ride on the second day of the Minnesota bike tour. You can easily see the cat angel wings.

Paso Robles and Mountain Lioness

PR and ML

These are my two new cats, Paso Robles, and Mountain Lioness. Paso Robles is an Egyptian Mau, her great grand mother was Cheetah. Mountain Lioness I got at the the SPCA. She is a Medicine Cat, like a Medicine Horse, with the black covering on her head with a white body. They are both quite crazy kittens still, running around and playing all the time.

Cycling Trail Along the Suncoast Parkway

SC Trail

You can see the limited access four lane highway, the bike trail, and the fences I had to get past to get by to cross from the east side of the highway to the west side of the highway to reach the bike trail that would take me back to my truck.

Cycling Fiasco

Sunrise at Crew Lake

A great cycling day that started with this beautiful sunrise over Crew Lake ended very badly. The day was just about a complete fiasco. Somewhere around noon, in the pouring rain, I took off my helmet, and laid down as flat as I could on my back. After an ordeal that lasted over an hour, I finally slithered and squeezed under the fence that separated me from the bike path that would take me back to where I parked at Crew Lake. As I emerged on the other side of the fence, bloodied and covered with dirt and leaves, I now knew I was probably going to make it home. I felt like Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption. You might wonder how I got in this predicament, so here is an account of my disaster day full of mistakes. Continue reading